BePPa Security Camera Privacy Policy

BePPa, Security Camera, Privacy Policy

  • What information we collect:

We are using third party advertising services like Google Admob and the app can share collected data for Interest-Based Advertising: Allowing Advertisers to infer interests and serve ads to users based on their interests and location.

  • Privacy:

We DO NOT store any of your personal data on our servers. The video and Audio stream is active only when you select your camera in the viewer app and we do not store Video or Audio on our servers.  The stream goes directly to the viewer app and no data gets stored in our server

No body can have access to your camera’s as long as you keep your Google account safely.

  • Permissions:

The login process is completely protected by Google and we DO NOT have access to your personal information.

The app needs permissions for having access to the items below:

Device’s storage to be able to store setting and read previous settings.  we do not collect your personal information like your address book or your gallery.

To the microphone to be able to stream the audio to the server when you select the camera and the MIC is on.

The camera to send live video stream to the viewer when the camera is selected.


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