PTT Radio Device

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You can buy this Real Walkie Talkie and use this device instead of your phone.

The device has a external Hardware PTT Button which can be used even when the display is off, so it’s the best device for using outdoors.

The battery life is longer than the regular cellphones and the speaker is super loud that you can hear it very clear even in the noisy areas like the real Walkie Talkie.

Its compatible with our Online Walkie Talkie app and the app on this device will look different than the phone.

You can define a code key and make a private network and use your Walkie Talkie for your business or your hobby 100% private

When you use this device, an indicator on the other users app will show them that you are a special user !

The device has WiFi and Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G and LTEĀ  networks and is compatible with different simcards.

you can use the walkie talkie handsfree and the charger station like a real walkie talkie.

It also has 2 cameras so you can have a video call

The device has all smart phone features like the Capacitive Touch screen, Android OS and all phone features like making phone call, sending text messages and etc…

To buy the device click here


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